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Dear Colleagues, Here are some some tipsheets that I and co-trainers have put together over the years that have served me well. Please feel free to use them, adapt them — whatever you think might serve your purposes. I often use tipsheets as talking points for formal instruction. Then at the end of the day, I give copies to the participants to remind them of the main points. I advise waiting until the end of the session to hand them out because participants tend to take fewer notes, thus learn less, if they have the materials in hand during the discussion.

I have many of these tipsheets in Arabic and Burmese. Please contact me if these would be helpful to you. And if you don’t see what you need, let me know. I probably have something that could be of use. Happy training!

lead writing tipsheet

hard news story structure (inverted pyramid) tipsheet

interviewing tipsheet

quotes and attribution tipsheet

news judgment tipsheet

feature story structure tipsheet

in-depth news feature – the basics

covering beats tipsheet

covering meetings tipsheet

writing from news releases and conferences tipsheet

covering speeches tipsheet

writing editorials tipsheet

writing headlines (titles) tipsheet

math for journalists tipsheet

photojournalism tipsheet

covering elections tipsheet

election problems tipsheet

Voters Guide guidelines

coaching reporters tipsheet

reporting breaking news for tv and radio tipsheet

reporting breaking news for tv and radio tipsheet

interviewing for television tipsheet

tv reporting and package production



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  1. Dan Whipple says:

    I used your journalism tip sheets when I was training beginning journalists at a slum newspaper in Nairobi. You rework provided me with a solid outline for the training sessions, and a thorough grounding in the critical points that needed to be covered under each topic. But the organization was also flexible enough that I could expand on a subject that needed closer attention, depending on the level of the audience I was addressing.

    Your tip sheets were especially helpful to me because I had little experience in a formal training environment. They kept me on track and made sure that I would get all of the critical points in each lesson. So they were valuable training tools to train me in training, as well to train the students in journalism. Thanks for the hard work in putting these together.

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