Welcome to my site

Greetings all, I’ve launched this website to share what I do as a journalism trainer and consultant in developing democracies around the world and to offer some background to those who are interested in contracting my services. It will also serve to keep my friends and colleagues abreast of what I’m up to professionally.

You will find via the heading bar above:

– A blog space where I will record notes on my training missions and perhaps a journalistic reflection or two.

– A statement of my journalism training and development philosophy and a current curriculum vitae.

– A photo blog from each country (13 so far) whose journalists I have trained since 2002. These pages will introduce the uninitiated visitor to the field of journalism development.

– A page featuring some of the publications I have helped students launch at national universities and journalism centers.

– A set of my trustiest training materials for free use by fellow journalism trainers and editors. If you need something you don’t see here, please ask.

– And finally, a way to send me an email – “contact me.” Comments, suggestions and questions are always welcome.

Thanks to Jerry Redfern, photojournalist extraordinaire and friend, who took the very cool bus photo at the top of this page in Yangon, Myanmar.

And my thanks to you for visiting. I hope you find something here that you can take away.

Keep me informed, and keep up the good work out there.

All best, Doug Cosper

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One Response to Welcome to my site

  1. Lillian Tjezuva says:


    Wonderful to hear from you after so long. I see you still have that smile, almost hidden by your beard. All so great, you look happy and i’m happy that you are. You are doing a great job for journalism all over the world. Thank you for sharing it with me.

    I did a bit of Radio (was an On Air Presenter) for a local radio station but now have moved on to Communications with UNICEF Botswana. I am learning a lot and i continue to use what i learnt from you during our UB Horizon times.

    Thank you Kindly.



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