Thank you for your patience

Greetings all, I recently returned from a two-month assignment in Myanmar and am busying myself in part with fleshing out this Web site. Sadly, it has gone neglected since a friend, photojournalist Jerry Redfern, launched it for me in March while I was working in South Sudan. So please stay tuned for something more serviceable than what has lain fallow for so long. Thank you for your patience. Keep up the good work out there, and keep me informed. All best, Doug Cosper

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2 Responses to Thank you for your patience

  1. Thanh Huyen says:

    Dear Doug,
    I am so happy to find this website and learn that you are well, teaching journalism somewhere in the world.
    I participated the 13 th training course by IJF in Phnom Penh, yr 2004. Hope you remember :). It’s hard to describe how grateful I am for the precious time and knowledge you and Peter gave me and others. Today whenever I instruct my staff, I always recall what you taught me. “Accuracy, accuracy, and… accuracy”, for example.
    You built for us a firm base, on which we grow. Thank you, and stay blessed.
    Thanh Huyen, fr Vietnam

  2. Joe Okuna Albert says:

    Hello Dough,
    I just glance on this website when I was searching for some staff for my work. I did not believe my eyes when I see this website. There are lots of valuable materials that I printed. I am proud that you are my Coach at Radio Miraya, and I thank you for all that you are doing to improve our performance at radio Miraya
    Joe Okuna Albert, South Sudan

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